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The Build-to-Order Software Solution for Custom Manufacturers


Quote Writer® creates quotes in minutes instead of days. Sales reps will spend less time creating quotes and more time making sales.


Since product knowledge is built into the system, Quote Writer® ensures that “made-to-order” quotes are accurately configured and priced.


A detailed product specification is created simultaneously with the quote, which can include drawings and pictures.

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Enhance Your Workflow With Optional Modules

Add optional modules that seamlessly integrate with your software solution to improve workflows and optimize efficiencies and productivity.

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    Bill of Materials

    Define smaller components or pieces which make up a master part.

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    1 Datasource

    OEM Suppliers, make your data directly available to all Quote Writer® desktops.

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    Language Module

    Use two to five different languages for specifications, PDFs, pictures, and manuals.

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    Production Module

    Improve your company’s process documentation by adding work instructions specific to a detailed process or task.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for recommending the quick start program. It was well worth the investment. It streamlined the process and got us up and quoting our products much faster than we anticipated.

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    VP of Sales, ESI Apparatus Division

  • Quote Writer® has been a game-changer for our quoting process. It effortlessly handles customer requirements, producing precise and professional quotes while maintaining a centralized database for easy tracking. What truly distinguishes Quote Writer is its intuitive interface and adaptability, allowing us to align our quoting process with industry and customer needs. The exceptional support from the Quote Writer® team has been invaluable, addressing our unique challenges with responsiveness and flexibility.

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    DCM, SVI Trucks

  • Quote Writer® has been the sales quoting tool at HME for a number of years but hadn’t been to take advantage of the full scope of the software capabilities. Reorganizing the data in a more friendly structure for sales distribution and incorporating more of the available features for engineering and manufacturing for a more positive outcome for the customer expectations.

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    DCM, HME Fire Trucks | HME Ahrens-Fox

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