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Continuing in our 30th year, we believe the key to our success is customer support and customer driven product development. We, along with our customers, form a supportive, interactive global community. Community members actively participate in guiding product and service enhancements. Browse our website. Give us a call. Let us introduce you to our software and services.
What is Quote Writer®?
Quick and Easy Sales Tool

Designed especially for: Quote-to-order, Made-to-Order and Build-to-Order Products. Quote Writer® is helping thousands of users create quotes for custom products faster, easier and more efficiently. Quote Writer® is designed to meet the needs of custom manufacturers and their sales network  More
Easy to Learn and Use
Quote Writer® is intuitive and feature enhanced for easy quoting.

Quote Writer® creates quotes in minutes instead of days. Sales reps will spend less time creating Quotes and more time making sales.

Since product knowledge is built into the system, Quote Writer® ensures that "made-to-order" quotes are accurately configured and priced.

A detailed product specification is created simultaneously with the quote which can include drawings and pictures.

Is it cost effective? ROI!
Ask these questions of your organization.

How many quotes does our organization produce on a weekly basis?

What is the average cost to produce each quote? Win or Lose!

How much has our organization suffered from inaccurate quotes/orders?

Where does our sales staff spend more time, selling or verifying data accuracy?

Can Quote Writer® have a positive financial impact on our organization?